Frameless Window Suppliers in Leeds

In Out Solutions

When regular-framed windows just aren’t enough, or have too much surround for your liking, it’s probably time to consider splashing out on frameless. Standard-frame window suppliers are numerous within the Leeds and surrounding area, however for frameless, it takes a little more digging.

In Out Solutions is one of the few companies offering frameless windows – a list of more for those outside of Leeds can be found at, and doing so while being situated in the Holbeck area of Leeds (just southwest of the city) and being not a sizeable drive away from the city of Bradford, too.

Venture to the In Out solutions website and you’ll be greeted first and foremost with a professional design, as well as no shortage of previews that showcase the quality of the work you can expect from this well-established company. Specialising in bespoke glass-window design solutions for commercial environments, this company have a reputation for offering a swift, reliable, and high-quality service suited to designing, manufacturing, and installing glass installations in office buildings and other such commercial areas. First and foremost, look sat their testimonials page, which is packed with a multitude of customers from a range of companies, all praising the work carried out by the company.

The products offered by In Out Solutions are large in number. This company offers single and double-glazed glass partitions, industrial partitions, and warehouse partitions. Those looking for more functional features in their windows will be excited to learn that this company also offers highly specialist glass partitions in the form off acoustic glass and fire-rated glass partitions. So in terms of variety, In Out are one of the best commercial glass solutions you’re going to find in the Leeds area.

The services carried out by In Out Solutions are also impressive. Their Glass Partition calculator on the website allows you to estimate the potential cost of the materials and installation for your chosen specifications. The company follows a standardised process from start to finish, starting with a phone or website enquiry, which results in a free site visit from experienced professionals, a proposal, installation date/manufacture plans, and finally installation. The company even offers an after-sale service as well as a 12-month warranty on the products they install.

It is recommended that you visit the company’s website at to see for yourself the level of service and variety of glass solutions offered by this company. Their website is incredibly well designed, too, and has all you need to get started on your path to your building having truly frameless windows.

HGW Solutions

If you’re looking for a company that provides frameless-window solutions for both the commercial and the residential sector, then HGW Solutions is arguably your best choice within the Leeds and surrounding areas. The focus of this company is on designing and manufacturing bespoke glass solutions for the residential sector, however, so it could be worth enquiring as to whether this company would be suited to your needs should you have a large commercial building in which you’re wishing to install custom glass partitions and frameless windows.

Products offered by HGW solutions are numerous, but they include bespoke mirrors, bifolding doors, glass balustrades & balconies and more. In addition, the company offer bespoke windows and composite doors, entire glass doors and walls, and even a glass replacement service that falls under their window-management services.

Because HGW Solutions offer a bespoke service, they offer a service that caters to your specific needs, therefore pricing estimates are difficult to offer. The best way is to utilise the contact information on the website in order to provide your specifications. This way you will receive an accurate quote that is unlikely to change drastically in price when it comes to the design and manufacture of glass for your chosen project.

As well as bespoke glass design, manufacture, and installation solutions, HGW Solutions also stock glass products for purchase directly. You can browse and order double-glazed or even toughened glass, and the company will deliver it across the UK, providing flexible delivery options for your convenience. 

Customer reviews are filled with praise for this company’s products and services, you can visit their website here – Testimonials on the site are numerous, detailing customer experiences for a wide range of their products. Furthermore, the website is cleanly designed, with the only criticism that comes to mind being that the website doesn’t offer the kind of online quote creation/estimator service that is offered by some companies like In Out Solutions.

However, happy customers from Harrogate to Thirsk, Otley to Skipton, and Leeds to York have utilised this company for their glass needs. Perhaps most importantly for trust, this company have quite an impressive social media presence, offering Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-In links on their website. Most impressive of all, though is the fact that this company has a 4.9-star rating from 79 reviews.