Student Accommodation in Leeds: Choices, Prices, and Affordability

Besides offering up a football team that seems to disappoint consistently and fantastically on a regular basis, Leeds also has a small yet notable collection of education institutions. Not only is Leeds home to Leeds Beckett University (, but it also houses the University of Leeds, an institution that sits in the enviable Russel Group of leading UK universities.

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But where will you stay when you arrive for your first semester at one of these institutions? This is a question asked by millions of students (as well as their concerned parents) in the UK each year. Thankfully, Leeds is home to a multitudinous selection of student accommodation, both private and based within the universities themselves. Within this article, you’ll find a selection of some of the options available to you as a prospective student, with a look at the affordability aspect of living away from home, too.

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Leeds Universities: Choices for Prospective Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

If you’re going to travel “up north” for University, you’ll do well to consider giving the city of Leeds some serious consideration for your undergraduate or postgraduate course choices. A vibrant city that only seems to improve as the years go by, Leeds is home to a selection of educational institutions offering prospective students a wealth of courses, some of which are nationally and even internationally renowned for their excellence, not to mention the weight a degree in the chosen English subject would carry on a CV ref

This article has been constructed to give undergraduates and postgraduates a better idea of which higher-education institutions can be found there, as well as looking at some of the key features of each university (one of which belongs to the renowned Russel Group

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