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Leeds Universities: Choices for Prospective Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

If you’re going to travel “up north” for University, you’ll do well to consider giving the city of Leeds some serious consideration for your undergraduate or postgraduate course choices. A vibrant city that only seems to improve as the years go by, Leeds is home to a selection of education institutions offering prospective students a wealth of courses, some of which are nationally and even internationally renowned for their excellence, not to mention the weight a degree in the chosen subject would carry on a CV.

This article has been constructed to give undergraduates and postgraduates a better idea of which higher-education institutions can be found there, as well as looking at some of the key features of each university (one of which belongs to the renowned Russel Group).

Leeds is Leading

In this article, you’ll read a little about Leeds’ main higher-education institutions. Most will already know that there are a few to choose from. The most prominent of course is the University of Leeds, a university recognised as being among those of excellence in the UK, and a member of the Russel Group. However, some occasionally overlook the other choices in the area, such as Leeds Trinity University, and the dark horse of them all, Leeds Beckett. The latter has even been ranked among the best universities in the world.

Below is a breakdown of the Universities to be found in Leeds, though you’ll also find an overview of some of the courses that carry particular gravitas at these institutions, with this page aiming to provide you with a simple but useful basis of knowledge when it comes to choosing a Leeds university that is right for you

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett is a university of reasonable size and of fairly unremarkable ranking, sitting at 121st out 131 total institutions on the Complete University Guide rankings page. Despite a comparatively low ranking, however, Leeds Beckett has often been reviewed online with good to excellent scores by those that have attended the university.

Though you’ll find some areas of the university with dated buildings, much of Leeds Beckett University is modern in design. The City Centre campus is centrally located, while the Headingley Campus is located further out of the city to the North West.

The undergraduate courses available at Leeds Beckett University are numerous, with this institution offering 183 courses for undergrads in its roster. Many of the usual suspects can be found here, from Accounting & Finance to Biomedical Sciences and Adult Nursing, much of the humanities, and plenty of IT-focused as well as Computer-Science-based degrees. Though the university does not offer a Medicine course, it does offer an undergraduate LLB course. Postgraduate courses at the university are also numerous, with a total of 156 full-time programmes to discover, ranging from MA in 3D design, MSC in Accounting and Finance, International Relations, Sound Design, and Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

Bottom Line: Leeds Beckett isn’t one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, however it performs decently in the student experience rankings (currently 83rd, above QMU London), has a good selection of courses, and offers a 90% rate of students being in a job or further study after 1 year.

University of Leeds

There is no hiding the fact that the University of Leeds is a prestigious one. Not only is it currently ranked at 155th in the world (according to Times Higher Education), it currently sits at number 14 of 131 on the Complete University Guide rankings. Furthermore, the University of Leeds was ranked 3rd in the UK for the 2018 student experience rankings, as well as ranking in the top 5 for student welfare, societal experience, and facilities. These credentials alone make it the most prestigious universities in the North of England, and indeed in the whole of the UK.

Expect a mixture of beautifully historical as well as modern architecture at the university, with excellent facilities, a good focus on student experience, and a seriously good emphasis on sports if that’s one of the things you wish to focus on during your study.

The university has seven faculties offering a serious number of courses, from Arts and Humanities courses to Biological Sciences and Medicine & Health. The undergraduate courses on offer here are numerous and range from traditional arts, humanities, and sciences to language and some more vocational courses. The University of Leeds has a well-renowned undergraduate medicine program, as well as prestigious law options.

Bottom Line: The University of Leeds’ fantastic UK and World rankings makes it a particularly prestigious university to attend. A wide range of courses, Medicine and Law schools, as well as scoring highly on student experience makes it by far the most impressive university to attend in Leeds. Finally, 91% of graduates are in employment or further study 1 year after study.

Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity University is also an option for students looking to study in the Leeds area. It doesn’t perform particularly well in the Guardian rankings (being ranked 94 of 121 by the Guardian University League Table 2020). It isn’t particularly central in terms of location; it is in Horsforth, a town outside of the city. It is a small university with a strongly social approach, and this is evidenced by various reviews touting it as one of the most friendly and enjoyable places to study in the UK

Leeds Trinity offers foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate course options. Undergraduates can expect fewer than 100 courses to choose from, however the selection includes some notable choices both traditional and modern. Accounting, Business, English, and Law are just a few of the choices – expect a strong selection in  sports and sports-related degrees, too. Bottom Line: While not academically prestigious or large in stature, Leeds Trinity scores highly for students’ experiences there, offering a big-university education within a small setting. Definitely an institution for those looking to socialise maximally and enjoy all the aspects of the university experience while studying there.